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Are you what in English is called a 'morning person'? Or what is the same... do you wake up well in the morning? We tell you from now on that not always (well, almost never). It is difficult for us to get off the sheets and leave the comfort of our bed (especially when it is cold) and on more than one occasion we need a good morning phrase and a good cup of coffee (and a couple of hours without social contact) to feel like people. Does the same thing happen to you too?

The mornings, especially on weekdays (and even more so on Mondays, we know, that's why here we leave you someHappy Monday phrases to brighten up the start of the week. You're welcome), they are not always easy... but there is a detail that can make them, in a matter of seconds, the best moment of the day:a good morning message or phrase!Who doesn't like receiving one as soon as they open their eye? Abeautiful and original phraseor a dedication of this typeIt means that someone is thinking about you as soon as they wake up.and it can cheer you up (how are you?motivational phrases) to start the day with the energy you need. And it doesn't get any better than that!

Are you on the opposite side and are you the one who always wakes up in a good mood and loves to say good morning to the people you care about? Well, she keeps reading... Here we bring you nothing less than250 beautiful good morning phrases to start the morning wellthat you can send to your friends (although in that case we havephrases about friendshipmore concrete), to your family, your colleagues oryour partnerto make them start each new day in the best possible way.Beautiful phrases to dedicate to someone you love, which invite you to fulfill dreams, to face all kinds of obstacles, to make you think about the opportunities of each day... and ultimately, to start each day on the right foot. Take note of them, you never know when you'll be able to send them (or remind yourself of them). Ah! And if you prefer, here you gophrases to say good night: have the same effect.

44 funny good morning phrases

Nothing like a little humor to start each day well. Here are somefunny quotesthat will make more than one laugh as soon as they wake up. Also, think that if you manage to make your friends or family smile first thing in the morning with thesefunny good morning phrases, they will remember you throughout the day...

  1. Good morning! Run for your dreams! If you don't reach them, at least you do sports.
  2. Don't forget to smile today. Remember that tomorrow you could be missing a tooth.
  3. Today I woke up like a field without cows: listless.
  4. Good morning. Good morning? Certainly not as pretty as me.
  5. Do not give up on your dreams. Still sleeping.
  6. Be happy today! Even if it's just to piss off the haters.
  7. He who gets up early... gets sleepy all day!
  8. For some people, today is Monday. For me, it's the first step towards the weekend. Good morning!
  9. To work early, because I was born beautiful, intelligent and faithful, but not a millionaire! Good morning.
  10. Today is a good day to go bald.
  11. Coffee always tastes better in the morning, especially if someone else makes it.
  12. I wish you an aromatic coffee and a short Monday.
  13. Awakening: the first step towards failure.
  14. Isn't it funny how 'good morning' sounds like 'shut up'?
  15. Some people wake up quickly. Some people wake up slowly. I wake up half dead. Good morning?
  16. It's not that I hate mornings, it's that I prefer nights.
  17. Good morning! If today were easy, it would be called Friday.
  18. Good morning to everyone who was able to get up without the help of 10 alarms.
  19. Wake up sleepy head! It's time to conquer the day.
  20. Good morning, is it time to go back to sleep?
  21. Don't worry if the day doesn't go as planned, you can always go back to bed and start again tomorrow.
  22. If coffee doesn't help you wake up, you can always put some cold water on your face and pretend it's a facial spa.
  23. If life gives you lemons, make lemonade and drink it in bed while watching Netflix.
  24. Good morning, I woke up wanting to embrace the world, but first I need my coffee fix.
  25. Every day I wake up I thank God for giving me this ass.
  26. May you feel as happy today as a dog in the park.
  27. May the joy of this new day make you dance as if no one was watching.
  28. Good morning, and memorize the lesson: nights of debauchery, mornings of ibuprofen.
  29. Good morning and get to work, we were born great but not millionaires.
  30. I smiled right after getting up. I think I dislocated my face.
  31. Sleeping doesn't cost anything, what costs is having to get up. Good day!
  32. On Mondays I'm too lazy to wake up. Ah, it's Tuesday! Tuesdays too.
  33. When reality and your dreams collide, it's usually the alarm clock that goes off.
  34. I'm sleepier than a deputy in an ordinary session.
  35. Getting up early is the first step in the wrong direction!
  36. Good morning... and in case we don't see each other again, good morning, good afternoon and good night.
  37. Very good morning to all those people to whom I have granted the privilege of knowing me.
  38. Life is good and with a coffee it is even better. Good morning!
  39. I wish you a day as beautiful as me.
  40. If life doesn't smile at you... Tickle it! Good morning!
  41. I don't know what the recipe for happiness is... I only know that it has coffee. Good morning!
  42. Those who get up early... They go to bed too early.
  43. Days, because they would be good if you didn't have to get up early.
  44. To be great in life you need to start doing great things. One of them, and one of the most difficult, is: getting up early in the morning.

250 good morning phrases to start the morning well (1)

74 Romantic Good Morning Phrases

Do you want to give him thegood morning to your partner? File any of theseromantic phrases about lovefor that special 'someone'. Think that these are alsophrases to say "I love you"in a very original and subtle way, that theseromantic good morning phrasesThey will help you keep your relationship alive and not lose the habit of having nice gestures with your better half.

  1. Don't say I love you as if it were a good morning, say good morning as if it were a I love you.
  2. I give you my morning, my day and my entire life. Good morning love.
  3. You make my days special, one after the other, from the moment I wake up and you appear in my mind.
  4. You fill any corner of my life with light with your smile. Good morning!
  5. There is no better feeling in the world than waking up and knowing that you are by my side.
  6. When I wake up you are my first thought, and when I lie down to sleep you are my last wish.
  7. Your kisses and your smiles brighten my day... even if it's pouring rain!
  8. It's seeing you and smiling. Good morning morning.
  9. Maybe I'm not just a good morning phrase, I'm the person who thinks of you with love and affection every day.
  10. My day begins and ends thinking about you. Good morning.
  11. You are the reason I wake up happy every morning.
  12. Good morning! I wanted you to wake up so I could hug you.
  13. Maybe I'm not just a good morning phrase, I'm the person who thinks of you with love and affection every day.
  14. May our love be the light that illuminates this new day.
  15. Good morning my dear. May everything we do together be magical today.
  16. Do you know why it's a good morning? Because I know I have you. Good morning love!
  17. Today is the best day to have you in my life and tomorrow... too!
  18. Good morning my love. You are the first person I think about when I wake up.
  19. Saying I love you is not difficult for me when my day begins with someone like you.
  20. Today I don't need the sun, because I have you next to me. Good morning, sweetie!
  21. Your love makes me feel happy, complete and safe on this day. Let's face it together!
  22. If being with you is a dream, I hope I haven't woken up.
  23. What is love? It's seeing a star like you every morning by my side.
  24. With you by your side, even getting up early is easier.
  25. I smile at a new day knowing that I have a love for life. Good morning!
  26. We have many dreams to fulfill together today. Good morning.
  27. One day I woke up and discovered that something was missing. Then I got out of bed, took my phone and sent you a good morning message for the first time.
  28. Today is the best day to have you in my life and tomorrow... too!
  29. You are my sun on dark days, my light in the immense darkness and my hope in adversity. Good day!
  30. I give you the morning, a smile, a kiss, the sun and my love. Good morning!
  31. Pinch me to realize that I have woken up and that I am no longer dreaming.
  32. Today is cloudy, but with you by my side, every day shines.
  33. Always smile in the morning, even if you are sad, since you never know who may fall in love with your smile.
  34. There is nothing more beautiful than waking up and discovering that the people you love most are by your side.
  35. Wake up my love, a beautiful day awaits us to enjoy together. Good morning!
  36. May this dawn fill you with joy just as you fill my life with love.
  37. The first thing I do every morning before opening my eyes is to see if you are on my mind. That helps me wake up with energy. Good day!
  38. Good morning my love. Every day with you is an adventure that I look forward to.
  39. I leave you my best kisses, selected especially for you.
  40. I'd say good morning to you, but I'd rather give you a kiss... So don't be late in getting up!
  41. Hold on world, this hottie has already woken up.
  42. Today I woke up to the beating of my heart, because since I've been with you, it's going faster.
  43. Good morning, my heart. May our love today be greater than yesterday and less than tomorrow.
  44. Very good day! I hope it is as beautiful for you as your smile is for others.
  45. Your eyes light up my nights and your smile becomes the best of my awakenings.
  46. I'm sending you a coffee with a lot of love to start a day full of happiness.
  47. I used to dream about you, now I sleep next to you. Good morning.
  48. The joy that brings me to know that I am going to see you today has no words to describe them.
  49. You have a 'I don't know what', which makes me 'I don't know how' and I like it... you don't know how much! Good morning!
  50. May our love shine as bright as the sun that wakes us up today.
  51. May this day be as bright as your eyes when you look at me.
  52. You are my first and last thought of the day.
  53. I would like to sleep all day, so as not to stop dreaming about you.
  54. This day wouldn't be half as fantastic if I hadn't woken up next to you.
  55. Another day, another sun, another awakening at your side.
  56. Your morning kisses are the best alarm clock.
  57. The sunrises are just as beautiful as your smile.
  58. I wanted to wish you a good morning... Until I realized that the days are much better since you are in my life!
  59. Since you are by my side everything is much better. Thank you very much for being part of my life!
  60. Good morning and happy waking up! Today is cloudy, but with you by my side every day seems just as bright and perfect to me.
  61. I give you the morning, a smile, a kiss, the sun and my love.
  62. My days are much better since I wake up next to you.
  63. There is one thing I will never get tired of. And it is worth saying good morning!
  64. I don't need coffee in the morning, all I need is your love.
  65. You are my first thought of the day and that is priceless, that is why I wish you the best experiences you can have at this beginning.
  66. Nothing is better in this world than the sweet feeling of being able to write you a nice good morning text.
  67. The best feeling in the world is waking up and seeing you by my side. May it never end!
  68. The sunrises are just as beautiful as your beauty.
  69. Every morning I realize that you are my dream come true.
  70. Good morning darling! I wish you could see yourself from my eyes every morning when you wake up.
  71. It seems that life owed me something and it paid me with your beautiful smile. Good day!
  72. Do you know why it's a good morning? Because I know I have you.
  73. Every time the sun rises, we hope that we can hug each other.
  74. If you want to know when I love you, just count the sunrises that we have left to experience.

Do you want more ideas? Here we give you 100short good morning phrases to dedicate to your partner.

250 good morning phrases to start the morning well (2)

38 Motivating good morning phrases

Go for it! Come on up (and encourage others) with one of thesePhrases of encouragementthat we leave you. They are also goodphrases to raise self-esteem, so after reading them you will surely feel that you can take on the world from the first hour of the day. Here thebest motivational good morning phrases.

  1. The best way to know what is going to happen today is to forge the path yourself. Good morning!
  2. You have 24 hours to change everything.
  3. Start the day with positive thoughts and a smile and you will attract great things and people into your life. Have a very good morning!
  4. Life always offers you another chance and it is called 'today'.
  5. When life gets blurry, adjust your focus.
  6. One more day to make your dreams and goals come true, enjoy it!
  7. Every morning is another new opportunity to experience something incredible.
  8. Today is the day we are going to take on the world.
  9. Today is a great day when you can learn, try, love, think, do. Everything is to be built.
  10. Do you want to defeat the world and eat it for breakfast? Wake up with a smile, it is your best weapon against failure and fear.
  11. Open your mind, extend your arms and prepare your heart to receive the best day, which is today.
  12. When you get your body out of bed, don't forget to also raise your enthusiasm for life.
  13. If you want your dreams to come true, the first step is to get up!
  14. Life is a book of adventures, and each day lived is one more page of our story.
  15. Life is a challenge. Live it, feel it, love it, laugh, cry, play, win and lose.
  16. There is a path at your feet, your joy is the best luggage to travel it.
  17. Starting the day on the right foot is laying a good foundation for the building of your life.
  18. Behind the curtains there is a whole world to discover. What are you waiting for?
  19. Not every day has to be special, but surely we can all start with a new reason to enjoy them.
  20. Believe in your dreams today and fight for your life. Even if you did it wrong yesterday, you can do it right today. Good day!
  21. Every day is a new page in your story, write it with love and dedication.
  22. Fight for your dreams and soak up experiences, small pleasures and great joys. Good morning!
  23. Don't let today be just any day. Today is the first day of the rest of your life, good morning and go for it!
  24. May every day be an opportunity to create something wonderful.
  25. The hope of life returns every morning with the Sun. Happy day!
  26. Love life because it is the only gift that is not given twice. Good day!
  27. You will never have this day again, so make it count.
  28. Today is a perfect day to live it your way. Good day!
  29. If the sun doesn't come out, draw it. Good morning.
  30. May this new day be the beginning of great things in your life.
  31. May this day surprise you with new opportunities to grow and be better.
  32. One more day to show that you are capable of achieving what you set out to do.
  33. I hope today you can be a light of hope for yourself and others. Good day!
  34. I hope that today is a day full of motivation and inspiration to achieve your goals.
  35. Give every day the chance to become the most beautiful day of your life.
  36. Today is the most beautiful day of my life, but tomorrow will be much better.
  37. To be great in life you need to start doing great things. One of them, and one of the most difficult, is: getting up early in the morning.
  38. May this new day bring you the happiness you deserve and the joy you need.

250 good morning phrases to start the morning well (3)

28 beautiful and loving good morning phrases

It's time to get a little cheesier: thesebeautiful sentencesand affectionate good morningThey will sweeten the morning of your loved ones. Areideal phrases to dedicate to a mothero aa sister, For example. And some of them are so cool that they will even work for youfor your Instagram photoswhen you lack a little inspiration.

  1. Today I woke up with an immense desire to remind you what a great person you are. Good morning!
  2. Starting your day with a smile will make your destiny colorful.
  3. Good morning! The brightness of this new day does not depend on the Sun, but on the smile that comes from your heart.
  4. May love and happiness be the protagonists of this beautiful day.
  5. May life smile at you today as you make us smile.
  6. May this new day allow us to continue creating unforgettable memories together.
  7. May the magic of this new day make you feel like a child at Christmas.
  8. May this day surprise you with as many good things as ice cream on a hot day.
  9. When you wake up in the morning, think about the precious privilege of being alive, of breathing, of thinking, of enjoying, of loving.
  10. He who wishes good to others has already ensured his own. Have a good day. Pass it on.
  11. Good morning! I'm sending you lots of hugs to last you all day.
  12. Happiness is light, silent and full of peace. Let it rest on you. Happy day and a big hug.
  13. Even if the rain makes a very dark day, you have the sun inside.
  14. Remember that even if the day is rainy, a smile on your face makes it wonderful. Good morning!
  15. Life is prepared with love, seasoned with faith, and lived with gratitude. Good morning!
  16. The sun rises every morning, just like your smile. I wish you a happy day
  17. Good morning! Ready to shine brighter than the sun?
  18. Waking up this morning, I smile. Twenty-four brand new hours are before me.
  19. Good morning! I send you a ray of light to illuminate your heart and may you have a nice awakening.
  20. May everything happen to you today, but may everything be beautiful and happy.
  21. This day is yours, don't let anyone ruin it for you.
  22. Good morning. With or without sun, the important thing is the attitude you put into it.
  23. The world is not one of the early risers. The world belongs to those who feel happy when they wake up.
  24. If the day dawns rainy, make the sun shine with your smile. Good morning.
  25. Be nice until ten in the morning and the rest of the day will take care of itself.
  26. The sun has risen to illuminate what will be the best day of your life. Good morning!
  27. Get up, someone out there asked about you. It's called happiness and it's going to give you a great day!
  28. Good morning! Just as the Sun shines, may you shine brightly on this day today.

250 good morning phrases to start the morning well (4)

26 short and positive good morning phrases

Sometimes, less is more. Areshort positive phrasesthat you should always remind others (and yourself) are very easy to memorize and will accompany you whenever you need it, giving you immediate energy and good mood.

  1. Make every day your masterpiece.
  2. Today can be a great day... it all depends on you.
  3. May the sunlight illuminate your path today.
  4. Good morning. Today is the day you were waiting for. Go get him!
  5. Waking up is stopping sleeping, not stopping dreaming.
  6. Today's task: have a great day.
  7. The time for everything is now.
  8. The morning is wonderful. Take advantage of it.
  9. Smile, because today could be your day.
  10. Plan for today: smile, enjoy and be happy.
  11. Have a triple B day: good, beautiful and blessed.
  12. Smile, today is a perfect day to be happy.
  13. May your day be full of unique moments.
  14. Take advantage of every second of this new day.
  15. Today is the first day of the rest of our lives.
  16. It's going to be a great day. You just have to believe it.
  17. Even if you did it wrong yesterday, you can do it right today.
  18. Every morning we are born again.
  19. When you least expect it, everything turns out well.
  20. May your day be full of joy.
  21. Smile, the day is promising!
  22. If you think about it, today will be the best day of your life.
  23. Yesterday is over, tomorrow is uncertain, only today counts.
  24. Whoever wakes up with a smile, a good day awaits him.
  25. Today you will shine brighter than the sun. Good morning.
  26. Good morning! May happiness accompany you at all times.

250 good morning phrases to start the morning well (5)

20 good morning messages to send on Whatsapp

Nothing better than opening your eye and seeing a beautiful phrase on your mobile wishing you the best for the day... With thesegood morning messages to send on WhatsappYou can make your loved ones happy in a very easy way. Sign them.

  1. I hope today is a day full of energy, motivation and joy for you.
  2. With a kiss from you, I have the best awakening in the world to live.
  3. Wake up, someone outside has asked for you.
  4. Today I woke up thinking about you, I hope you have a good day.
  5. I hope you have a nice day. Mine already is just by remembering you.
  6. I hope you dawned well. Good morning!
  7. Good morning. Simply, thank you for being there.
  8. You are my favorite 'good morning'.
  9. Good morning. Your dreams are like the sky: they have no limits.
  10. Today is a perfect day to start building the future you want.
  11. You never know when it will be the last day of your life. Enjoy every moment!
  12. May you enjoy the little things in life today, like a good coffee.
  13. This day wouldn't be half as fantastic if I hadn't woken up next to you.
  14. If it is good to live, it is even better to dream, and best of all, to wake up.
  15. Don't complicate your life, enjoy it.
  16. Have the best of days: you deserve for your dreams to come true.
  17. Do you want a great day? It depends on you.
  18. Never stop looking for the magic of everyday life.
  19. I have never met a big or successful man who stayed in bed late.
  20. If you can't do big things today, do small things in a big way.

250 good morning phrases to start the morning well (6)

20 good morning messages for Instagram

Do you want to say good morning to your followers? You can put thesegood morning messages for Instagramin 'stories', under your 'selfies', in photos of your 'looks' or having a coffee... You know!

  1. ¡Good morning in the morning!
  2. Good morning.
  3. Good days are not given, they are created.
  4. Dear dream, please give me back my reality.
  5. Good morning to everyone who is already awake.
  6. Today is the most beautiful day of my life. But tomorrow will be better.
  7. Every morning, I wake up saying: 'I'm still alive, a miracle.'
  8. The best dreams happen when you wake up.
  9. I'm already up, but I haven't woken up yet.
  10. I wish getting out of bed was as easy as going out to a party.
  11. Don't be afraid to shine today, you are the star of your own story
  12. Today it's time to shine brighter than the sun.
  13. I like the smell of opportunity that mornings have.
  14. After living and dreaming, there is what matters most: waking up.
  15. The future rewards those who get up early.
  16. Lose a day in the morning and you will be looking for it all day.
  17. A day without laughing is a day lost.
  18. A coffee and a smile, and to live life without rushing.
  19. Write in your heart that every day is the best of the year.
  20. The day will begin whether you get up or not.

250 good morning phrases to start the morning well (7)

250 good morning phrases to start the morning well (2024)


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