60 Fiersa Besari Twitter Quotes about Life, Attitude, and Love (2024)

Liputan6.com, JakartaFiersa Besari is a writer, musician and motivator who has many fans in Indonesia. Through her Twitter account, Fiersa often shares words of wisdom and quotes that are full of inspiration and motivation.

These words or quotes often make readers reflect, introspect, and become enthusiastic about living their daily lives. Fiersa is known for his meaningful works, both in the form of songs and writing.

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With her sensitivity to the realities of life, Fiersa is able to express them through beautiful and touching words. Through this article, we will look at several Fiersa Besari Twitter quotes which can be a source of inspiration and motivation for readers.


Come on, take a look at a collection of wise words from Fiersa Besari that can motivate us in living our daily lives, as summarized by Liputan6.com from various sources, Sunday (4/2/2024).

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Fiersa Besari Twitter Quotes about Life

1. Adapt. Life is hard, prove yourself strong. There is only one thing that differentiates winners from losers: winners know how to stand up when they fall, losers are more comfortable remaining in the position they fell.- Fighting Notes

2. We used to always say words of love at the end of the night. Now we are nothing more than two strangers secretly longing for the past - the Timeline

3. Your heart already has an owner. Funny how life bestows warmth at the most inopportune times. Should I kill my own feelings? - 11:11


4. Life is a series of coincidences. 'Coincidence' is fate in disguise.- Timeline

5. Don't be wishy-washy, determine your attitude. -11:11

6. Distance is just one small, insignificant point. Missing is a comma that won't stop sentences about you and me. - Timeline

7. You can put your feet in the highest place, but can you put your heart in the lowest place? -Timeline

8. Your Feet Are Not Roots, Take Steps. "People like us don't deserve to die in bed," said Soe Hok Gie once. - Juang Notes

9. If only I knew that was the last time I would see you, I would have said something better― Fiersa Besari timeline

10. You are an illegal immigrant who roamed my imagination without permission, then stopped at the end of the dream. What spell did you cast that makes me crazy about you like this? What weapon did you use that made my shield not as strong as before? Should I surrender before you? Or do I need to pretend to be tough? Should you kick him out? Or should I just let you stay?- Timeline

11. So, just let it go then. Because what actually hurts more is holding on to something that hurts you slowly. - Timeline

12. Humans are formed from dreams. Without it, we are just robots moving along with the hustle and bustle of the world, but not following the rhythm of the earth. And dreams are not absolute. It can change, increase, even decrease. - Universe Conspiracy

13. Learn before assuming

Listen before cursing

Understand before judging

Feel before you hurt, Fight before you leave.- Timeline

14. Feelings are not reciprocated. What we give is not necessarily the same as what we receive. -Conspiracy of the Universe

15. Have you ever been at the point where your life is so organized, doing everything you can to be "uniform", hoping everything will be fine, but still feeling like something is missing? It's as if there is one puzzle piece that doesn't complete the puzzle you created yourself. - Timeline

16. Unfortunately, many people complain when they are asked to be A, because they feel their job description is only B. In fact, isn't it that when we are trusted to do more than one job, that is a sign that we are considered capable? Isn't that a plus for ourselves? Who knows, this plus value will give us a brighter career path. - Juang's notes

17. If I could hate you, maybe everything would be much easier. Ah, some flavors are created to be enjoyed alone before being killed by time. - 11:11

18. May we not forget the reason we adventure. The best lens is the eye. The best camera is our brain. Don't just create photos, but forget to put together a story. - Juang's Notes

19. Jumping in directly doesn't mean making fun. Direct immersion means learning directly, not based solely on data. - Juang's Notes

20. It turns out, the higher our feet stand, the more we realize how small we are. Mountains were not created so that we could conquer their peaks. Mountains are created so that we can conquer our own ego. - Fighting Notes


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Fiersa Besari Twitter Quotes about Attitude

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21. Me, let me be like the earth. Supporting even when stepped on, giving even when rained on, silent even when heated. Until you realize, if I'm broken.. You are too.

22. Guarded, not restrained. Hugged, not strangled. Trusted, not suspected. Fight for it, not force it.

23. Don't take anything, including photos. Leave nothing behind, including traces. Don't waste anything, including time, said the forest to humans who couldn't keep their promises.


24. Don't just look at the happiness, try to feel the sadness. Nobody's life is perfect.

25. Sometimes, the most beautiful things were not created to be owned. Just look at it from afar, then be grateful that it is there to admire in silence.

26. Maybe, we are so good at pretending that we forget that we are pretending. And finally we consider this pretense to be the truth.

27. Express feelings, stop regrets, forgive mistakes, laugh at memories, chase dreams. Life is too short to spend mourning.

28. Apparently, waking up early is a grumble killer. Because we have time for a cup of coffee, a cup of daydreaming, and a piece of longing.

29. It turns out that it is true, when praise makes someone big-headed, he is no longer big-hearted to accept advice.

30. There is no need to depend too much on others. Other people also have their own interests.

31. It's never too early to be happy. It's never too late to forgive.

32. I'm silent, it doesn't mean I'm not paying attention.

33. Some feelings should be kept a secret. Not to say it, just to be grateful for its existence.

34. We don't always have to comment on what's happening. Sometimes it's okay to be alone. Happy in our own world.

35. Blaming other people's claims is easy. Admitting one's own mistakes is difficult.

36. In time, the world just needs to know that we are great. Happiness does not require the judgment of others.

37. Over time, we will get used to being normal.

38. Don't bother trying to compare yourself to other people. You were created to be unique. There are too many people who are just like most people.

39. Sometimes, meeting and parting happen too quickly. However, the memories and feelings stay too long.

40. Nothing lasts forever, neither happiness nor pain. One day we will come to the point of laughing at feelings that once were painful, or crying over feelings that were once beautiful.

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Fiersa Besari Twitter Quotes about Love

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41. Recently, I wish I had the ability to control time. Not to be able to go back to the past. There is nothing I regret or need to change. I just want time to freeze, so I can spend more time with you.

42. Me, you, and our little world. Contains ordinary things. This is more than enough. You are more than enough.

43. I'm not good at leading, but I know how to lead you.


44. I don't know how to hate you properly and correctly, like you don't know how to love me properly and correctly.

45. I don't know where this journey ends, I can't promise anything. But, as long as I am able, our dreams are a priority.

46. ​​Some longings have to be hidden. Not to be conveyed, only to be sent through prayer.

47. Love is not letting go, but letting go. Not forcing, but fighting. Not giving up, but letting go. Not chaining, but giving wings.48. In reality we are just two people running. I'm busy chasing you, you're busy avoiding me. Oh, calm down. I'm not tired, in fact I enjoy the process.

49. Your heart was stolen, then you regretted it when he didn't give you his heart. Your heart falls, then you are disappointed when it hurts. The warning was there from the start. You're the only one who's annoying.

50. Don't be shy. Then you'll be embarrassed.

51. Don't charm if you don't intend to bind.

52. Falling in love for some people: Deceiving each other with profile pictures full of manipulation.

53. Falling in love can never choose. God chose, we are just victims. Disappointment is a consequence, happiness is a bonus.

54. If you can't erase someone from your memory, maybe they were meant to be there. Never mind, humans will forget in time.

55. We, only we know. Why say happy anniversary every month? I want to be someone who can be with you yearly, not monthly.

56. Next time I play into your heart, I want to bring a permanent marker so I can write my name on it.

57. Loving you is so easy, I can do it over and over again without ever getting bored. What's difficult is how to show it.

58. I hope you stay healthy, even though you are no longer of the same mind.

59. The right person doesn't always come on time. Sometimes it comes after you're tired of being hurt by someone who doesn't know how to appreciate you.

60. Age, distance, time and social class are just numbers for two people fighting for each other.

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60 Fiersa Besari Twitter Quotes about Life, Attitude, and Love (2024)


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