Christmas pavlova recipe (2024)

I made this pavlova cake in the shape of a Christmas wreath especially for the holidays. With a delicious topping of forest fruits, this Christmas pavlova makes a fantastic Christmas dessert. If you want your pavlova to be (and stay) really white, it is better to dry the foam for a long time instead of baking it. In that case, dry the wreath for about 5 hours at 80 ⁰C. Then turn off the oven and let the wreath cool in the oven.

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List of ingredients

  • For the pavlova
  • 6 egg whites
  • ¼ tsp salt
  • 225 g fine sugar
  • 1 ½ tsp cornstarch
  • 1 ½ tsp white wine vinegar
  • 125 g icing sugar
  • Further needed
  • 1 ½ recipesWhipped cream
  • a combination of raspberries, blackberries, red berries, blueberries and pomegranate seeds
  • icing sugar, for dusting

Making Christmas pavlova

Preheat the oven to 120 °C. Beat the egg whites and salt in a fat-free bowl and gradually add the fine sugar. Beat until the sugar has dissolved and the egg whites are stiff and glossy. Fold the cornflour, white wine vinegar and icing sugar into the meringue. Make a wreath from the foam as shown in the photo.

Place the baking tray in the oven and bake the pavlova for 2 hours. Then turn off the oven and let the pavlova cool in the oven.

Divide the whipped cream over the cooled pavlova and cover it with the fruits. Dust the pavlova lightly with icing sugar. Only add the topping to the pavlova just before serving, otherwise it will become too soft.

Photo: Erik Spronk


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Comments (25)

Bertie2016-12-10 08:27:39

Hello Rutger,

I would like to know the difference between Pavlva and Meringue? I think I always make meringue (same as your recipe) and then it is called Pavlova. Can you explain that to me?
With Fri. greetings, Bertie

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Rutger2016-12-10 11:49:17

Hi! Pavlova is the name of the dessert made with meringue. Meringue is the name for the whipped egg whites with sugar that are dried in the oven, with whipped cream and fruit on top to make a pavlova. The pavlova can still be a bit soft on the inside, which is actually tasty!

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Christmas pavlova recipe (6)

Adrie Zandbergen2016-12-10 14:48:46

What is 'fine sugar' . Is that caster sugar, or powdered sugar, or regular sugar ground in the food processor?

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Rutger2016-12-10 17:09:04

Fine sugar is somewhere between granulated sugar and icing sugar and it can be bought in the supermarket as 'fine sugar'. If you can't find it, use regular granulated sugar (NOT caster sugar). You will just have to beat a little longer until all the sugar crystals have dissolved.

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Christmas pavlova recipe (7)

Vera2016-12-11 06:31:16

Thanks for your tip, I will bake my next pavlova at 80 degrees (hopefully it will remain white)...Looks beautiful...

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Susan2016-12-12 14:17:22

Dear Rutger,
I would like to make pavlova for Christmas, but in portions for 1 person. How many proteins should I count for 4 people, and how long should they be in the oven at 120 degrees?

To answer

They are

Rutger2016-12-12 20:49:24


I would calculate liberally and use 1 protein per person. Dry the pavlovas for about one and a half to 2 hours, then leave them in the oven and let them cool in the oven.

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Christmas pavlova recipe (8)

Marianne Crow2016-12-13 09:00:46

I sometimes have moisture come out of the pavlova after resting for a while, so have I not dried it enough????

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Rutger2016-12-15 21:24:09

A pavlova may still be slightly soft on the inside. Since sugar attracts a lot of moisture, it can sometimes form a kind of sugar syrup. This can't do any harm.

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Christmas pavlova recipe (9)

Myrthe2016-12-13 12:13:52

Hi Rutger! Unfortunately, my oven temperature does not go lower than 150 degrees, do you have a tip for how I could still bake the pavlova?

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Larissa2016-12-25 09:57:55

You can also do 1 hour and 10-15 minutes at 150 degrees. Works perfectly for me. Merry Christmas! And greetings to you Rutger, I was in your class at HBO-V. It was fun following your adventure.

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Rutger2016-12-15 21:21:32

This is very difficult for a pavlova, which needs to be dried rather than baked. Maybe look at the neighbors nicely :)?

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Christmas pavlova recipe (10)

Simone2016-12-13 23:25:10

Hi Rutger,

The Pavlova was already in my plans for Christmas, so I'm happy with your recipe.
I do have a question about the sugar. Can you also replace that with another sweetener? Or will the meringue not become stiff? I like to hear it.

To answer


Rutger2016-12-15 21:16:32

Hi Simone. You really need sugar for the structure of the meringue. You won't be able to do that with other sweeteners.

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Christmas pavlova recipe (11)

Tanja2016-12-26 22:22:59

Hi Rutger,
I made this pavlova for Boxing Day and let it dry in the oven at 80 degrees for 5 hours and then turned it off and left it in the oven for another 4 hours. Looked very nice, not as white as yours but certainly cream colored. When I took it out of the oven it was very sticky on the bottom and hollow in several places. It tasted delicious, but how can I do this better next time?

To answer


Rutger2016-12-26 23:04:36

That hollow thing happens more often, but unfortunately I don't know what you can do about it. You could dry it a little lower, and a little longer. then he becomes really white.

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Christmas pavlova recipe (12)

Kim Wiltjer2017-06-21 07:43:08

To get the pavlova snow-white without baking for so long, you can use icing whitener. Edible white powder available in various brands at bakery stores.

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Rutger2017-06-26 13:24:40

However, it is easier if you set the oven very low. Somewhere around 90 degrees. Then you don't have to add any extra coloring agents (or decolorizing agents) and you will have a beautiful white pavlova after a few hours.

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Christmas pavlova recipe (13)

Adie ErkelnsLamers2017-11-12 16:39:47

Thanks Rutger for the recipes. I would like to know from you how to make Miocca cream. Many thanks in advance

To answer


Rutger2017-11-19 22:00:59

The recipe for mocha cream can be found here:

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Christmas pavlova recipe (14)

Henriette Abbes2017-12-09 16:53:19

What is the approximate diameter of your wreath and do you put the egg white in a piping bag?

To answer


Rutger2017-12-12 11:38:05

The wreath has a diameter of approximately 35 centimeters. I did not put the meringue in a piping bag, but scooped it into 'heaps' next to each other with a spoon.

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Christmas pavlova recipe (15)

Paul2017-12-16 22:38:02

Can you also bake a pavlova in a tin? For example, a turban shape (such as a Bundt shape).

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Rutger2017-12-18 01:03:57

I'm afraid it will be very difficult (or actually impossible) to get the pavlova out after baking. As far as I know, it is not possible to bake a pavlova in a mold.

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Christmas pavlova recipe (16)

Sara2017-12-19 17:19:07

Hi (team) Rutger,

I'm going to make the pavlova for Christmas. What a beautiful photo by the way!
Right now I'm going to try it out because the lowest setting of my oven is 150 degrees. Someone gave me a tip to turn off the oven every now and then to let it cool down. Do you have any tips for baking with a clumsy oven?

To answer


Rutger2017-12-20 12:16:33

If it is possible to hold the door ajar, for example with a ladle in between, then I would do that. Otherwise I would shorten the baking time a little. The only thing is that you cannot keep the meringue white at 150 degrees, it will become a bit browner, but that does not detract from the taste!

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Christmas pavlova recipe (17)

Jolande2017-12-20 09:01:12

Hi Rutger, I can also make this pavlova a day in advance. ?? I want to spend as little time in the kitchen as possible on Monday. And the oven is needed for the turkey. Thanks Jolande

To answer


Rutger2017-12-20 12:12:22

Yes, that's fine! Store in an airtight container and you will be fine!

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Christmas pavlova recipe (18)

Tuesday2019-12-20 20:54:06

Is the oven airtight enough? Then I leave it overnight in the oven :)

To answer


Rutger2019-12-22 19:57:19

That's fine! Always works very well for me!

To answer

Christmas pavlova recipe (19)

Sophia2017-12-21 18:14:01

Hello Rutger,
If I want to leave the Pavlova overnight in the oven, should I keep the oven door closed or open it?
Kind regards, Sophia

To answer


Rutger2017-12-22 16:52:33

Leave the door closed so that the pavlova slowly cools and dries out some more.

To answer

Christmas pavlova recipe (20)

Sophia2017-12-22 21:56:23

Thank you very much Rutger.

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Risette2018-12-22 00:44:52

Can the pavlova be made with all types of fruit? I'm thinking fresh pineapple or melon. And doesn't the pavlova 'melt' from the whipped cream? Won't it become sticky and collapsed?

To answer


Rutger2018-12-24 13:26:37

You can of course use any fruit you like. I would only finish the cake shortly in advance, otherwise the foam will indeed become soft.

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Christmas pavlova recipe (21)

Susan Zierikzee2018-12-24 15:25:44

What do you mean by 1 and a half whipped cream?

To answer

They are

Rutger2018-12-28 12:20:27

It is a link to the recipe for whipped cream. You need one and a half times that amount.

To answer

Christmas pavlova recipe (22)

Gracia Hooplot2020-12-22 06:40:17

Hi Rutger, I want to make the pavlova for Christmas but want to halve the amount of sugar and icing sugar. Can I just do that or do you think it will have consequences for my pavlova?

To answer


Rutger2020-12-22 10:01:32

Hi. That makes the pavlova less crispy and firm. The sugar is really necessary for the structure.

To answer

Christmas pavlova recipe (23)

Jessica2020-12-22 11:24:51

Hello Rutger,

Maybe a silly question, but should you make this wreath yourself? Or can you also put the foam in a baking tin and then bake?

To answer


Rutger2020-12-30 10:43:27

You can make the wreath yourself; in a baking tin is not a success.

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Christmas pavlova recipe (24)

Susanne2021-12-15 17:11:24

Hello Rutger,
Because your pavlova looks so beautiful, I want to make it for Christmas. Now I read in another recipe that for a crispy result on the outside, you can "shock" the pavlova by preheating the oven to 160°, and then immediately turn the temperature to 120° when placing the baking tray. 125°. Is "shocking" perhaps an idea for the best bite? Thank you in advance for your answer!

To answer

They are

Rutger2021-12-21 08:29:02

That is sometimes done, yes. I never do it myself, because I prefer to keep the pavlova light in color. And with the higher temperature there is a chance that the pavlova will color.

To answer

Christmas pavlova recipe (25)

Margriet2021-12-19 13:24:46

Hello Rutger,
I want to make the pavlova for Christmas, but now I'm wondering, it is dried the day before and left to cool in the oven until the next day. Is it possible to make the pavlova and then keep it in the refrigerator, or is it wiser to make it just in advance?

To answer


Rutger2021-12-21 07:59:08

Hi. After baking and cooling, you can store the pavlova in an airtight container (for example in a plastic bag). I would really prepare it just in advance, otherwise the pavlova will become soft.

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Christmas pavlova recipe (26)

Pauline2021-12-22 16:05:17

Hi Rutger, why do you indicate that the meringue should be in the oven at 100 degrees, and for the pavlova at 120 degrees? Does that just have to do with size?

To answer


Rutger2021-12-23 08:18:20

Hi. That's right yes. And the lower the temperature, the whiter the foam remains. But the baking time will of course be longer.

To answer

Christmas pavlova recipe (27)

Esther2021-12-24 09:28:37


I was wondering how many people this recipe is for.
I like to hear it!

To answer


Sharon2021-12-28 11:50:13

Hi Rutger, I am currently baking my mini pavlovas, based on your recipe. I set it to 90 degrees and 4.35 am, but I wonder if the settings are correct? So I made 4 eggs using 2 egg yolks and adjusted the recipe accordingly.
I hope you read this in time ;)

To answer


Rutger2021-12-28 14:55:15

Hi. What exactly do you mean by a.d.h. of two egg yolks? My site contains various pavlova recipes, including mini pavlovas. Take a moment to look between them.

To answer

Christmas pavlova recipe (28)

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Christmas pavlova recipe (29)

Christmas pavlova recipe (2024)


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