Top 140 Good Morning Sayings and Quotes (2024)

Mornings hold a variety of feelings. You feel fresh and free and ready for a new day and a new hope. The warm rays of sunshine, the scent of the fresh morning and the scent of fresh coffee, juice and tea bring something familiar, beautiful and comforting. But tiredness and fear of a new day are also among the feelings and have crept into the good morning sayings.

Here are 140 unique and brand new sayings that have never been said before and cannot be found anywhere on the Internet. Have fun while reading.

Top 40 Funny Good Morning Sayings with Images

Like all funny sayings, funny good morning sayings are very popular. No matter what the topic is, who doesn't like to laugh heartily at a saying?

I'm sending you this message in the middle of the night so that you read it when you wake up and think of me even when I'm still asleep. Good morning

When you read this, I will still be sleeping comfortably but dreaming about you.


A message to all morning grouches. Please stand up now and look annoyed.

And now it's morning again. I wish you a strong coffee accompanied by a strong early bird.

Whatsapp Status

Good morning from the cheerful wake-up service, who wishes you a happy start to the new day and wants to infect you with his happiness. Please don't throw it in the corner.

I just wanted to ask if you can't sleep anymore either. Good morning!

Good morning from your pillow. I loved being with you all night, but now you have to get up, but I don't.

Getting up early means going in the wrong direction in the morning and ruining your whole day.

I wish you a fragrant coffee and a short Monday. Good morning!

Those eyes, that charm and that charisma. Oh, good morning. Enough dreaming about myself, time for reality and time to get up.


The day begins, the sun isn't shining today, the sky is crying with laughter and you have to get up.

When your cell phone beeps early in the morning, don't be angry, but be happy. Because there is someone who likes you and is thinking about you on this day.

Sad sayings

First thing on this day I want to give you my smile to make your day super cool.

It's still early, so I don't want to bother you for long, but just tell you quietly that it would be nice to hear from you today.

I wish you a good morning without too many worries and that no one wants to annoy you on this new beautiful day.

Good morning, open the window because a little kiss comes flying to make it easier for you to get up.

A greeting from you in the morning drives away all sorrow and worries.

Sayings about life

I'll send you a greeting in the morning. He comes from far away. Maybe even from space and from the Big Bang.

Happiness early in the morning should not be a rare event, but rather a daily occurrence.

Top 140 Good Morning Sayings and Quotes (1)

If you want to actively pursue your dreams, you first have to get up.

If my pillow calls to me when I get up, I think it's rude to ignore it.

Love sayings

Nothing is more annoying than people cheerfully getting up.

There is an intimate relationship between my bed and me. Only the alarm clock can't cope with it somehow.

Forgive me for being late, but the sheep I counted for falling asleep didn't want to leave.

Friendship sayings

If you just lie in bed and don't learn or know anything, you shouldn't complain when life goes on without you.

Sweet good morning sayings for those in love

Sweet good morning sayings are there to put a smile on your face and just be happy.

The sun comes to you in the morning, chasing away the moon and stars, just to wish you good morning.

Top 140 Good Morning Sayings and Quotes (2)

I have just flown to you on a ray of sunshine to sweeten your day with these many sun greetings

Goodbye moon and good morning sun, the day has come, the sun has climbed the sky.

Good morning, unfortunately sunshine can't be with you today. But I send you many sweet morning greetings.

Beautiful sayings for Whatsapp

Get out of bed, you sweet mouse. And then quickly get out of the house. This is how the day can be successful.

Good morning, here is the wake-up service with fresh coffee, fresh rolls and sweet jam.

Good morning Brummelbär, don't take life so hard.

I wish you a good morning today and again tomorrow and then every day of your life. That happiness visits you every day and you can enjoy the world under the shady trees.

May happiness kiss you awake every morning.

The sun is shining again, it's a sweet morning. Worries melt away in the warmth of the morning sun and the night has lost its dark power.

It was me who kept you awake last night. The bad dream that kept you awake. Now enjoy the day without me. I don't even want to come back.

The night is now over and the sweet smells of the morning awaken people to a new day and a new life.

I greet you, my sunshine, you can enter my heart.

We need more of the courage of the sun that rises every day even though things don't look good in this world.

Good morning Brummeltier, I would love to be with you right now.

You are the only one for me, that's why I'm writing here entirely for you and longing for you alone in the sunshine.

The last star in the sky is still there to ensure that you wake up peacefully again today and start the day safely.

When the sun shines again then I know that you got up today with a smile.

You're as sweet as the sugar in my coffee in the morning and not just in the evening.

A sweet morning is the best start to the day.

If you hear laughter somewhere in the morning and feel the warmth of the sun on your skin, then you know that life means well to you.

The sweet scent of morning and hope finds you and greets you.

The morning sun is not only full of warmth, but also full of hope, the hope for a better day.

The sun in the word morning sun represents the warmth that it gives us again and again, and the morning represents the hope that is new every morning.

There is nothing more sensual and sweet than the scent of the warm, fresh morning.

Good morning SMS sayings

Who doesn't know this? You wake up in the morning, read the first text message that you received from a friend a while ago and quickly want to send one of the clever or funny good morning SMS sayings.

Here's a good-mood-super-happy-always-happy SMS for those who don't like it in the morning.

Good morning my dear darling. Are you still in limbo? Get out and look at the sun because it brought you a text message.

Top 140 Good Morning Sayings and Quotes (3)

When your cell phone beeps in the morning, it's a text message saying 'just don't stress'.

Good morning, I am the guardian angel SMS and I will take care of you all day long.

This early morning text message will chase away all your worries.

Beep, there's a text message that I sent and I wish you the best of luck.

110 small signs will reach you and want to greet you warmly and make your day.

You were still fast asleep when this text was written and sent, but now you are awake and reading it and hopefully enjoying it.

A sweet and sweet good morning text message slips into your cell phone and tells you that I like you.

A text message in the morning can brighten your entire day.

It's still early morning, but all I'm worried about again. Now where is a text message that tells me everything is okay?

This is a very special good morning SMS that can spread a good mood and make the start of the new day easier.

Quietly and quietly, a text message from her trip comes into your phone and sends you greetings from far away.

A text message with many greetings should sweeten your day.

Being happy every new morning simply drives away the worries.

This beautiful text message that the morning gives you means that someone is thinking about you.

A love text message early in the morning provides so much happiness and hormones that come what may.

I'm your cell phone and I'm surprised you're using me again so soon. Understood?

Me again, your cell phone. Sorry for beeping you for such a pointless text message.

When your cell phone beeps loudly in the morning, you know someone loves you.

So early and I've already done the first deed of the day, checked a text message.

If you woke up this morning and read my text then you know how much I missed you all night.

Today I have to send you a good morning text message, but soon I'll be able to say good morning in person again.

As much as I miss you now, when I am back with you I will miss your morning text messages.

I just saw that you have already seen my text message. Then I know now that you started your morning well and will have a great day.

Top 75 beautiful good morning sayings for a better day

Beautiful good morning sayings are simply there to enjoy something beautiful.

Good morning little angel, the birds are flying in the trees, the grass smells so fresh and fine, the sun is shining warmly on the walls of the balcony and that's exactly how a beautiful morning should be.

The sun rises and I go out to enjoy my breakfast outdoors. And just as I roam around my coffee, the bees roam around my honey.

Baptism sayings - baptism sayings

The sun slides gently through the open window, its rays tickle my legs and its warmth spreads through my entire body. Good Morning Sunshine!

And then when a new day awakens, you will again have a figure in my thoughts and a place in my heart.

Guess who is thinking about you right now and wishing you a great day.

The happiness of every day begins with the morning and the hope that the morning carries for the day.

May your day be as warm as the first ray of sunshine in the morning and as cheerful as the first song of the birds before the sun rises and as strong as the coffee in the coffee shop next door.

Let us greet the sun every morning and be grateful that our faces shine.

If I could, I would put a smile on your face every morning.

Greetings, my morning star. Let joy dwell in your heart all day long, blessing you and doing you good.

Have you already crawled out of the fluffy warm bed? Then let me just quickly wish you a nice morning.

Top 140 Good Morning Sayings and Quotes (4)

Good morning tired mouse. Just look out the window and see how the sun shines, turned on by me for you.

My first good deed on this new day is to turn on the sun and warm and brighten your day.

Good morning. The sun shines brightly and the coffee squints darkly. Can anything be better?

When I wake up in the morning the sun shines brightly with you and I am the happiest person in the world.

Just as flowers rejoice and bloom near the sun, I also bloom near you.

Just as honey sweetens my bread in the morning, you sweeten my whole day.

Good morning, worry night. You are no longer needed and can go to sleep.

Good morning sayings for lovers

Isn't love the most important and global topic of all? It doesn't matter whether you wake up together in the morning and would like to say something special to each other or whether you wake up separately and want to immediately tell the other person how much you miss and love him or her. The good morning sayings for lovers express all of this.

It was a short night because I only thought about you and couldn't close my eyes for fear of losing my thoughts about you.

Good morning! A beautiful morning is waiting for you and someone who loves you very much is sending you a morning greeting.

Every day that I get to hear your voice and see your face in the morning is a very special day.

The morning starts with coffee and sunshine. And should the sky cry, I want to rush to you very quickly and replace your sunshine.

I have already left the house and know that you are waking up at this time. So I left you a few lines so that you are ready for the day.

I woke up and immediately thought of you, and I want to give you my love again every day.

Good morning my darling, the sun is shining, the day is already fragrant and I know that today our love will grow a lot again.

Good morning my darling, my heart beats for pleasure and happiness and because I love you.

I look at my cuddly toy and would rather be close to you right now. Because you are softer than the bear and more beautiful too.

Good morning, I just wanted to tickle you with a few virtual rays of sunshine and tell you how much I love you and how much you mean to me.

Even if it is gray and raining, even if it is dark and cold, your love warms me and is better than any ray of sunshine.

When your stomach tingles in the morning and your lip pushes upwards, it's clear that you're in love.

I used to always find it terrible to get up in the morning because the day had nothing nice to offer me. But since I know that you wait for me every day and that I can see you, I jump out of bed in the morning with joy.

I imagine you rubbing your eyes when you wake up, breathing deeply when you smell the morning and then smiling when you read this message.

I enjoy the morning sun and the fresh day, my soul is looking forward to the new day because I like you so much.

I don't like waking up in the morning without you because I miss you, my precious star.

Unfortunately I can't be with you and feel you in the morning, so the distant kisses and thoughts have to move you.

Good morning, dear darling! You have my love and this smack.

If a kiss comes flying, your fear will be driven away! Cherish it all day long because it will protect you.

Wake up my warm sunshine, I want to be with the most dear person.

Good morning! You are the dream of my last night, the one that deprived me of sleep and that I can forgive because I love you, you great man.

A new morning has dawned and I have woken up from my dream, which I would have loved to continue dreaming because you appeared in it.

Good morning sayings for friends

Good friends are just as important as love. And that's why they deserve their own good morning sayings for friends.

True friends say 'Good morning' and are there again when the evening comes and say 'Good evening' and are not angry if you don't have time in between.

Even if you can't see a friend for a while, you can send them a good morning message anytime, anywhere.

Just woke up and thought to myself that I'm blessed with friends worth getting up for.

Friends are those rare people who ask you in the morning how you slept and then wait for an answer.

You'll never be truly happy alone. The day only starts well with sunshine, a coffee and a good friend. Good Morning my friend.

Good friends wait until you have had your coffee in peace.

Being a friend means buying a round of coffee in the morning.

Good friends have breakfast together until late in the evening.

I can do without bread, coffee and the newspaper rather than wishing my friends good morning.

True friends come by in the morning when you are sad and don't want to get up and bring you a good mood and strength for the day.

Hello and good morning! I just want to wish you a happy day before things get hectic.

I just wanted to wish you good morning, my friend, and send you your guardian angel for today.

If a friend leaves you just because you were honest, then that wasn't a friend either.

Our friendship is more valuable than all the treasures in this world.

True friends don't have to say anything to understand each other.

A good morning is only a good morning if you can be sure that you have friends who are there for you every day.

A true friend is there for you from morning to night. Good morning friend!

The best friends are the ones who stay with you even when they don't have to.

While a good friend will often buy you something to eat, a best friend will simply eat your food.

Hopefully there was something for you among the large selection of good morning sayings. Help yourself and shout a spell into the wet.

Top 140 Good Morning Sayings and Quotes (2024)


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