What is a Credit Card and Charge Card | Information (2024)

What is a credit card and how does it work, an American Express Card? Is it not yet clear which card suits you best? Read here about the differences between debit card, credit card (credit card) and a charge card.

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Creditcard of charge card

What is a payment card?

With a payment card you can make payments at a payment terminal and withdraw money from an ATM. Depending on the way in which payments are processed, this is the case:

Credit card

A credit card is a globally accepted payment method. It works in much the same way as a debit card, except that the credit card company or bank advances the bill first. So you pay with a credit card without the money being directly debited from your account. Credit card payments are therefore settled at a later time (and possibly in installments). Examples of companies that offer credit cards in the Netherlands are MasterCard and VISA. American Express only offers in the Netherlandscharge cardsOn.

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Charge card

With a charge card, such as that of American Express, you pay the full outstanding amount for the previous period. This is the amount you spent with the card that month. The big advantage is that you can manage your finances better, because you do not carry over any outstanding balance to the next month. That seems like onecredit card, but it isn't.

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What is a credit card?

There is a credit agreement with the credit card company and you will therefore only repay these expenses at a later time. It is basically a kind of loan with a certain spending limit and you becomeregistered with BKR.

Every month you must repay a minimum amount due to the credit card company. In the event that you do not repay the entire amount and you want to carry over part of the outstanding amount to the next period, this is possible, but you must do so.interestabout payment.

If you pay late, you will receive afinedue to late payment. Mastercard and VISA are well-known examples of credit cards in the Netherlands.

Difference between a credit card and a charge card?

  • With a charge card, the outstanding debt must be repaid in full every month. Repayment in installments is not possible.
  • With a credit card, an agreed amount must be repaid every month and part of the outstanding amount may be carried over to the following month(s).

What is a debit card?

The debit card is most common in the Netherlands as a debit card, debit card or bank card and as a bank card in Belgium. The amounts are immediately debited (written off) from the payment account.

The American Express cards

The Platinum Card

€65 per month

The Gold Card

€20 per month

The Green Card

€6.50 per month

The Blue Card

€3 per month

De Flying Blue - American Express Platinum Card

€55 per month

De Flying Blue - American Express Gold Card

€16.50 per month

De Flying Blue - American Express Silver Card

€6.25 per month

De Flying Blue - American Express Entry Card

€3 per month

Discover which Amex card suits you best and read more about your spending limit.

Spending space
Amex Card

An American Express charge card has a larger personal spending limit than most credit cards. We look at your personal profile and spending pattern and adjust the spending limit accordingly. If your expenses continue to increase and you always pay on time, you will automatically create a higher spending limit. This way your spending capacity moves with you and you will never be faced with any surprises. And are you still planning to make an expenditure that is much higher than normal? Then you can take a momentcontactwith our Member Service.

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What is an American Express Card?

American Express only issues in the Netherlandscharge cardsout. There are important differences between the various types of payment cards such as credit cards and charge cards.

FeatureCredit cardAmerican Express card
Nomaximum spending limitWhat is a Credit Card and Charge Card | Information (12)What is a Credit Card and Charge Card | Information (13)
Calculates interest costsWhat is a Credit Card and Charge Card | Information (14)What is a Credit Card and Charge Card | Information (15)
Annual or monthly membershipWhat is a Credit Card and Charge Card | Information (16)What is a Credit Card and Charge Card | Information (17)
No BKR registration when the card is issuedWhat is a Credit Card and Charge Card | Information (18)What is a Credit Card and Charge Card | Information (19)
Late payment penalty*What is a Credit Card and Charge Card | Information (20)What is a Credit Card and Charge Card | Information (21)

* If payment is made after 60 days, extrajudicial collection costs may be charged.

How do I use a credit card or charge card?

When it comes to using credit cards or charge cards, they work the same for the end user. Below are two scenarios of how to use these cards: online, offline and with Apple Pay through your Wallet.

Scenario 1

How does an American Express card work online?

  • If you make an online transaction, proceed to checkout and select the payment method as onecredit cardand select your American Express card for payment.
  • Enter your 15-digit card number, cardholder name, card expiration date, and CVC (American Express cards have a 4-digit verification code).
  • Once you enter all the above details and proceed, the payment gateway will send all the information to the bank.
  • Your transaction is complete.
Scenario 2

How can you use your American Express card in stores?

  • Complete your purchase and proceed to checkout. Hold the American Express card near the reader of the payment terminal.
  • Enter your PIN (personal identification number) to authorize the transaction.
  • Your chip is then read (it contains information to identify the card). Together with the PIN, this information is sent to American Express. Once all details have been verified, American Express will approve the transaction.
  • You always have insight into your expenses, view your balance, account statement and recent transactions, including pending transactions in your Online Account. You can also track your expenses on theAmerican Express App. When you receive your monthly bill, you pay the full outstanding amount.
This is how you use Apple Pay

Pay with American Express with Apple Pay

Step 1:
Hold your iPhone or Apple Watch near a contactless payment reader (no need to wake your phone or open the app).

Step 2:
Use Touch ID or Face ID for authentication.

Step 3:
Wait for your payment to be accepted by vibration or an audio signal. Finished!

Read more about American Express and Apple Pay →

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Platinum privileges

The Platinum Card has many privileges. We are also happy to support you with additional benefits during this time. Below we have listed the most important privileges.

Fast border passage at Schiphol

Fast security and border passage using an iris scan and access to Privium lounges.

Unlimited airport lounge access

Traveling becomes a lot more enjoyable with The Platinum Card, thanks to unlimited free access to more than 1,300 comfortable and stylish airport lounges.

Hotel privileges

Enjoy extras and privileges at more than 14,000 hotels worldwide, such as late check-out, early check-in, room upgrades, free breakfast or a hotel credit.

Well protected when traveling

With your American Express Platinum Card, you, your partner, your children and the holder of the extra card are never alone.

Membership Rewards

With every spend with The Platinum Card, you earn Membership Rewards points that you can redeem for gifts, travel, concert tickets and much more.

Loyalty programs

With your Platinum Card you obtain a high status in the loyalty programs of hotels and car rentals.

The Platinum Card

  • €65 per month
  • Nu met Apple Pay

More information (opens new window)

Would you rather choose an American Express Card other than The Platinum Card?

Then also take a look at The Gold Card and The Green Card. There are also numerous advantages to this.

The Gold Card

Make your trips extra special

  • €20 per month
  • Nu met Apple Pay

More information (opens new window)

The Green Card

For those looking for special experiences and access to presales

  • 1 year free
    (After that €6.50 per month)
  • Nu met Apple Pay

More information (opens new window)

Whichever American Express card you choose, you will always receive these benefits.

Safe and insured payment

You have no deductible in the event of fraud or misuse of your card. And if a package you ordered online is not delivered, you can have your payment reversed.

Furthermore, your purchases are insured against damage and theft. And with the unique Money Back Guarantee, your 'bad purchases' will be reimbursed.

Personal spending space

With us you do not have a predetermined limit, as you usually see with other companies. With us you will receive a personal flexible spending limit that adapts to your spending pattern and profile.

In your online account you can easily check whether you can make a major expenditure that you have planned.

24/7 assistance abroad

Problems abroad? Are you abroad and do you need a replacement passport, for example? Or a lawyer or doctor? With our Global Assist® service you are never alone.

Presales at concerts

We have already reserved the best seats and nicest extras for you with American Express Experiences.

A replacement card quickly

Has your card been stolen or have you lost it? We are happy to help you with a suitable solution. From quickly getting a new card (on location) to giving a cash advance.

No interest

With American Express you pay the full outstanding amount every month. This way you will not get into financial problems, you will not have high interest costs and you will not receive a BKR registration upon registration.

Discover all our benefits (opens new window)

American Express,
reliable service since 1850

As one of the most famous financial service providers in the world, American Express has a rich history. The organization was founded in 1850 as a postal company that focused mainly on 'express mail'. This type of registered mail had to be sent quickly, safely and insured.

In 1891, American Express introduced theTravellers’ Chequewhich made it easier for traveling American businessmen to access financial resources anywhere in the world.

In 1958, American Express started issuing payment cards, initially made of paper, but from 1959 on made of plastic. With this, American Express set the standard for theplastic payment cardsas we know it today.

From the very beginning, American Express has been known for its excellent service, very reliable reputation and service, 24 hours a day,all over the world.

American Express is proud of this reputation and does everything it can to maintain itto trustto achieve again and again.

Good to know:

You can apply for an American Express card if you:

  • are 18 years or older;
  • does not have a negative BKR registration;
  • has a Dutch residential address;
  • and has a gross annual income of at least € 20,000.
    To apply for The Platinum Card or the Flying Blue - American Express Platinum Card, you must have a gross annual income of at least € 30,000.

Please have the following to hand when applying:

  • Gross annual income;
  • Valid proof of identity: Passport, EEA identity card (no driver's license);
  • Login details of your own bank.

Payment and monthly statement:

  • In the case of a discount on the annual contribution as a welcome offer, this discount is only valid in the first year of your membership. If you have already owned an (extra) American Express card in the past 12 months, any welcome bonus and discount on the annual contribution for the first year of your membership will no longer apply.
  • With an American Express charge card, you pay the full outstanding amount over the past period (every month). Repayment in installments is not possible. Extrajudicial collection costs may only be charged if you do not pay on time.

What is a Credit Card and Charge Card | Information (27) What is a Credit Card and Charge Card | Information (28)

What is a Credit Card and Charge Card | Information (29)

Creditcard of charge card?Not a moment without American Express

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As an expert in the field of credit cards and payment methods, let me demonstrate my knowledge by providing comprehensive information related to the concepts discussed in the article "Wat is een creditcard en hoe werkt dat, een American Express Card?" (What is a credit card and how does it work, an American Express Card?).

Creditcard, Charge Card, and Betaalkaart:

  • Creditcard: A credit card is a globally accepted payment method that operates similarly to a debit card. However, the credit card company or bank covers the expenses first, allowing the cardholder to pay later. Payments can be settled at a later time, and there is an option for installment payments. Examples of credit card companies in the Netherlands include MasterCard and VISA.

  • Charge Card: A charge card, such as those offered by American Express, requires the full payment of the outstanding balance from the previous period each month. This differs from a credit card as there is no option for carrying over a balance to the next month. American Express exclusively provides charge cards in the Netherlands.

  • Betaalkaart: A betaalkaart is a general term for a payment card that allows transactions at point-of-sale terminals and cash withdrawals from ATMs. It encompasses both credit cards and debit cards.

Differences Between Credit Card and Charge Card:

  • With a charge card, the entire outstanding balance must be paid in full each month, and spreading payments over multiple months is not allowed.
  • Credit cards allow a monthly agreed-upon amount to be paid, with the option to carry over a portion of the outstanding balance to the following month(s).

Debit Card (Pinpas):

  • In the Netherlands, a debit card, known as a pinpas, betaalpas, or bankpas, directly debits funds from the linked bank account when used for transactions.

American Express Cards and Bestedingsruimte:

  • American Express offers various cards, including The Platinum Card, The Gold Card, The Green Card, and others, each with different benefits and costs.
  • American Express charge cards provide a larger personal spending limit compared to most credit cards. The spending limit adjusts based on the cardholder's profile and spending patterns.

Using American Express Cards:

  • Online transactions with an American Express card involve entering the 15-digit card number, cardholder's name, card expiration date, and the 4-digit CVC.
  • In-store transactions require holding the card near the payment terminal, entering a personal identification number (PIN), and waiting for authorization.

Apple Pay with American Express:

  • American Express cards can be used with Apple Pay for contactless payments using iPhone or Apple Watch, authenticated with Touch ID or Face ID.

Privileges of American Express Platinum Card:

  • The Platinum Card offers privileges such as expedited processes at Schiphol Airport, unlimited airport lounge access, hotel privileges, and more.

Benefits of American Express Cards:

  • American Express cards offer benefits such as fraud protection, insurance coverage for purchases, a flexible spending limit, 24/7 global assistance, and presales access for events.

History of American Express:

  • American Express, founded in 1850, initially operated as an express mail service. In 1891, it introduced Travellers’ Cheques, and in 1958, it began issuing plastic payment cards.

Application and Eligibility for American Express Cards:

  • To apply for an American Express card, applicants must be 18 years or older, have no negative BKR registration, possess a Dutch address, and meet minimum income requirements.

This information should provide a comprehensive understanding of credit cards, charge cards, and the specific features of American Express cards discussed in the article.

What is a Credit Card and Charge Card | Information (2024)


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